Ø [Phase] and Luke Slater Return as RoogUnit with Nu Rebels Club E.P

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U.K. techno veterans Ø [Phase] and Luke Slater have released their second record together as RoogUnit. The Nu Rebels Club E.P sees them meld their time-tested styles to great effect. It came out on the latter’s Mote-Evolver imprint on April 7th.

Each title on the Nu Rebels Club E.P tracklist follows a uniform style. “Edge 1” ushers in the effort with fast-paced, frenetic percussion and stimulating synth work. “Edge 2,” meanwhile, is built around glitch sound effects, followed by “Edge 3,” the most conventional and organic-sounding song on the effort. As a whole, the record leaves one hopeful for more to come from RoogUnit in the near future.

Who are RoogUnit?

Luke Slater is among the most tenured techno artists in the U.K. with a recording career extending back to 1992’s Maiden Voyage EP on Tim Jeffery and JC Reid‘s Loaded Records. Ø [Phase] (real name Ashley Burchett) debuted as a producer later – with the album Module Overload via Steve Bicknell‘s Cosmic Records in 2000, to be exact – but his prior experience mastering records has translated to a dynamic and evolving signature sound.

Slater and Burchett inaugurated RoogUnit with the Mesh E.P in 2017. When held side by side with the Nu Club Rebels E.P, it paints a clear picture of the two artists’ trajectory – even after a combined half century in electronic music.

The Nu Club Rebels E.P has sold out in 12-inch vinyl format. It is available for purchase in digital format via Mote-Evolver Bandcamp.

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