Lobster Theremin Announce New Festival, LOBSTERFEST

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Lobster Theremin, a record label steadfast in its commitment to dance music eclecticism, has announced a large-scale gathering. LOBSTERFEST will take place September 4th at an as-yet-undisclosed location in North London.

Mixmag notes that the imprint has hosted events at London’s Corsica Studios and Moth Club as well as ://about blank in Berlin, but never a full-fledged festival. LOBSTERFEST will consist of five stages playing music from noon to 10:00 PM.

Organizers have yet to announce any headliners at the time of writing. They have guaranteed, however, that at least half the lineup will comprise Black/POC artists, and at least half women/non-binary. In total, more than 30 artists will perform at the event.

Lobster Theremin’s Rise

Lobster Theremin inaugurated in 2013 with the release of Palms Trax‘s stripped-down Equation EP. Only a year later the label expanded to include distribution services, giving it an edge over other brands in the underground dance music space.

In the time since, the label has found another competitive advantage. Branching out from the lo-fi and minimal house sound for which they carved out a lane, Lobster Theremin have teased out a common thread tying together breakbeat, garage, drum and bass and ambient as well. Their newfound range is encapsulated on last year’s Music For Your Mind Vol. 1 – all proceeds of which were donated to Black Lives Matter.

Sign up for pre-sale tickets to LOBSTERFEST via Resident Advisor ahead of the April 30th general sale.

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