Lobster Theremin Release BLM Benefit Compilation, Music For Your Mind Vol. 1

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Lobster Theremin‘s versatility as a record label is on full display in their July 3rd, 2020 release. House, techno, hardcore and beyond are represented in Music For Your Mind Vol. 1. All proceeds from the 22-track compilation will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

Danceable minimal house gems abound on the effort, notably “Changes” by House of Drummond and “Blazing Orange” by Fire Escape. Songs like “This Way” by Route 8 & TRP and “The Fate Of Us All” by Mani Festo explore an R&S Records-esque realm of ambient breakbeat, whereas “Levels” by Warwick and “Pertinent Negative” cater to discerning techno enthusiasts. No matter the artist or their musings, quality remains consistent from one song to the next.

Lobster Theremin’s Coming of Age

The sonic diversity exhibited on Music For Your Mind Vol. 1 is a relatively new facet of the Lobster Theremin brand. As noted by Beatportal, the label have outgrown the lo-fi and minimal house niche they carved after their 2013 launch and expanded to include releases from an increasingly eclectic range of the electronic music spectrum.

To that end, Lobster Theremin also now comprises a number of sub labels. Lobster BlackLobster WhiteSleep Sequences and Distant Hawaii are but a few of the imprints under the London label’s umbrella.

Purchase Music For Your Mind Vol. 1 in digital format via Bandcamp.

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