DJ Godfather Announces Wooooo! EP via Databass

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Ghettotech, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

This month sees DJ Godfather deliver two of the EPs accompanying his November debut studio length album. On April 2nd he released the Loud Mouth EP, and on the 23rd he’ll follow it up with the Wooooo! EP – both by way of Databass.

Style wise, the upcoming effort is all over the board. The title track hints at Jersey club before “Only One City” steers towards the ghetto tech style for which DJ Godfather (real name Brian Jeffries) is renowned. “Wack DJ” featuring Goodmoney G100 stands out as the most lyrical entry of the tracklist, and “Nights At The Packard” – presumably named after Detroit’s famed Packard Plant – closes the EP with techno-tinged electro.

Jeffries is one of the foremost artists associated with ghettotech alongside DJ FunkDJ Assault, and the late Disco D. His long-awaited debut album, Electro Beats For Freaks, was released with continuous playback in mind. Each of the subsequent EPs consist of a few of the tracks from the full effort in a format more practical for DJs.

The Smoke in Da Air EP and the 313 Keep It Down EP will follow in May and June, respectively.

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