DJ Godfather Announces Up All Night EP via Databass

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Ghettotech, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

DJ Godfather has announced the March 12th release of the Up All Night EP via his Databass imprint. As with the two EPs he released in January and February, it consists of a handful of tracks from his 2020 debut studio-length album, Electro Beats for Freaks.

The effort kicks off with “Up All Night” featuring Christina Chriss, a relatively relaxed tech house tune with in-your-face lyrics. “D3T-313” follows with a higher tempo, not to be outdone by “Make That Ass Go Boom” featuring Goodmoney G-100. Also included are versions of the latter track that transition from 125-145 BPM and from 145-125 BPM, useful tools for DJs planning to mix ghetto house and ghettotech in a single set.

DJ Godfather (real name Brian Jeffries) has said that he released the full album for casual listeners, with the subsequent EPs geared towards DJs. “I made [Electro Beats for Freaks] a continuous mix on purpose,” he said in a statement. “You can skip through the songs but the beginning and ends of the track mix into each other … This album will be kind of like a sampler to DJs and a full album to non-DJs that just want to listen to the music.”

Jeffries has said that he will release an EP comprising tracks from Electro Beats for Freaks every month for the first half of 2021.

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