Roland’s Iconic JUNO-60 is Now Available in Roland Cloud

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Roland’s JUNO-60 is finally available as an official Roland Cloud plugin.

The iconic poly-synth defined the sound of the 1980s with its rich sonics and double chorus features. While many third-party developers have near-faithful versions of the JUNO-60, this is Roland’s first digital undertaking of their flagship product.

Roland uses Analog Circuit Behavior to recreate the JUNO-60 as a virtual instrument, matching every attribute to its physical predecessor. Filters for both the JUNO-60 and the JUNO-106 are available with the flip of a switch. A second volume and filter-shaping envelope gives more flexible sound manipulation possibilities.

“Condition knobs” age the characteristics of the virtual hardware, providing a more vintage sound to the overall plugin. JUNO-60’s renowned double chorus, a BOSS CE-1 chorus pedal, and a selection of modern effects and tones are also included.

Roland JUNO-60 supports the PLUG-OUT feature for use along with Roland’s SYSTEM-8 hardware synth. The PLUG-OUT feature fully maps the JUNO-60’s features to the SYSTEM-8’s controls. This allows full JUNO-60 capability on the SYSTEM-8, bypassing the need for a computer in a stage setup.

Roland was established in 1972 by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan. The company is known for their iconic drum machines and synthesizers, several of which shaped the sounds of modern music. The JUNO-60 introduced digitally controlled oscillators that provide greater tuning stability, an innovation which led to its wide use in 1980s pop music.

The JUNO-60 Software Synth is available on the “Ultimate” tier of the Roland Cloud subscription service. All tiers of Roland Cloud come with A 30-day free trial of Ultimate. The plugin can also be purchased separately for $149 using the Lifetime Keys feature, available with a free Roland Account.

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