Roland Announces the TR6-S, Boutique TR-06 and TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer

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Roland has announced the coming release of their Boutique TR-606 Drum Machine, TR-6S Rhythm Performer, and the new release of the TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer on Roland Cloud. The famed synth is now offered as two new upgraded physical models and the classic Roland TR-606 Drumatix as a software plugin.

TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer

Using what Roland refers to as proprietary Analog Circuit Behavior,” each drum channel of the new TR-606’s is tuned to match the attributes of the analog circuitry of the TR-606 Drumatix. By doing so, it allows each channel’s sound to be shaped and modeled in unique ways, rather than simply reshaping an audio file.

An added step sequencer and drag-and-drop to MIDI functionality give way to much faster drum programming than its predecessor.  The software also works alongside the Boutique TR-06 and the TR-8S physical models, enabling users to make sequences that can easily be transferred to the hardware for live performance.

The TR-606 is available now on Roland Cloud for $19.99 a month or $199 a year, giving you access (as well as integration) to all of the Roland synthesizers and drum machines.

Boutique TR-06 Drum Machine

The Boutique TR-06 (available late October 2002 for $400) is the forthcoming modernized version of the original TR-606 machine, boasting features that are also in vogue with the Roland TR8S. Tools such as step-loop editing, per-step probability and velocity settings for each channel are available, and the machine also comes with five trigger outs and a single trigger in to feed to modular setups.

What makes the TR-06 especially groundbreaking: the device doubles as a high-quality USB audio interface, allowing recording with a computer fast and easy. It also comes with a built-in speaker and runs on AA batteries for long, on-the-go sessions.


The final piece of the puzzle comes as an ultramodern version of the popular drum machine. The TR-6S (available November 2020 for $400) is made to move exactly like its bigger siblings in the Aira Series with brand-new features that make it well-equipped for sound design and mobile production – and comes with a much smaller price tag.

The TR-6S comes with six tracks of dedicated knobs and faders, and the familiar Roland step sequencer on the bottom of the device. 808, 909, 707 and 606 kits are included, as well as a dedicated FM engine, built-in effects, and real-time recording. An SD card slot for room to load custom samples, audio/midi interfacing and battery operation are all included in this compact and powerful device.

Shaping the Past and Future of Music

Roland was established in 1972 by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan. The company is known for their iconic inventions of drum machines and synthesizers shaping the sounds of modern music, ranging from hip-hop and rock to Detroit techno. The TR-606 was created in 1981 to compliment the TB-303 Bass Line, the iconic bass modeller and sequencer at heart of the acid house movement.

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