Anniversary of Andrew Weatherall’s Death Marked with Tribute EP, Origin Story of Mantra

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A year ago to the day, uncompromising electronic music innovator Andrew Weatherall died at 56 of pulmonary embolism. Many continue to celebrate his life – even more so in light of the anniversary. His brother, Ian Weatherall, has collaborated with IDWG on a tribute EP, and Irish radio DJ Cian Ó Cíobháin has unearthed more details of the late artist’s mantra, “Fail we may, sail we must.”

The EP, titled In A Lonely Place (A Tribute To Andrew Weatherall), released via Rotters Golf Club today, February 17th. It includes a title track by Ian and IDWG (real name Duncan Gray) that reimagines the 1987 New Order song of its namesake as a slow-burning house groover. Also included are remixes by David Holmes, Keith Tenniswood and the Hardway Bros, whom Resident Advisor notes were Andrew’s close collaborators.

Cíobháin, meanwhile, went to great lengths to track down the Cork, Ireland fisherman who, according to legend, uttered the words that Weatherall had tattooed onto himself and used as a track title.

According to Cíobháin’s Facebook postGerard Sheehy had driven Weatherall to a Cork gig in 2008 and regaled him with stories from the sea. Sheehy recounted telling Weatherall about the time he and a friend had to oversee a ship after his father, the captain, broke his leg – even though Sheehy was only 18 at the time. When Weatherall asked him, “Are there times when you get up in the morning and you can’t be arsed?” the fisherman responded, “Fail she may, but go she must” – which Weatherall then adapted into “Fail we may, sail we must.”

The Legacy of Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall is widely celebrated as an artist and label boss who pushed music forward – especially during the acid house explosion of the late ’80s and early ’90s. He worked closely with the band Primal Scream on their 1991 album Screamadelica, which blurred the lines between rock and electronic, in addition to co-founding the zine Boys Own.

Weatherall’s integrity remained intact up through his passing; he signed EP’s by no-name artists strictly due to their musical merit in addition to releasing experimental works of his own. In December, defunct dance music magazine Jockey Slut published a tribute book dedicated to the late talent including previously untold stories from his early career.

Proceeds from In A Lonely Place (A Tribute To Andrew Weatherall) will be split between his partner, Lizzie, and Thrombosis UK.

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