Andrew Weatherall Signs EP of Producer with No Online Presence

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The push for modern musicians to be active on social media hasn’t reached every corner of the electronic music world. British techno DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall will release a two-track EP by the virtually unknown Zu Dobson via his Bird Scarer Records imprint.

Apple Knife / Wisdom of Rumi consists of songs from a CD Dobson handed to Weatherall on a dance floor, according to a handwritten letter by the latter artist. Both are low BPM industrial dance tracks with understated, antiquated appeal. More interestingly, Weatherall points out rather cryptically that Dobson has no online presence, “so her identity is vague even to me.”

Weatherall himself is a veteran of early dance music, having launched the zine Boys Own alongside Terry Farley, Cymon Eckel and Steve Mayesin the late ’80s – before the acid house explosion even took hold. He continues to release music of his own, like last year’s 13-song album, Consolamentum.

Zu Dobson‘s Apple Knife / Wisdom of Rumi comes out on Bird Scarer Records July 14th. Find sample clips from the EP here.

Source: Resident Advisor

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