Pioneer CDJ-3000 Firmware Update 1.08 Features Full Track Caching And KUVO Support

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Pioneer DJ’s string of innovations continues on with a recent firmware update for the CDJ-3000 Media Player.

CDJ-3000 Firmware Update 1.08 brings full auto-caching of already loaded tracks. Prior to its update, when a USB or Ethernet link in the rear of the CDJ-3000 is unplugged, the CDJ goes into an “Emergency Loop” mode. Once this happens, a (usually unquantized) four-beat loop begins playing. Canceling this mode is only possible by either loading a track or stopping the CDJ altogether – a worst-case scenario for many disc jockeys in live settings.

CDJ-3000’s auto-caching eliminates this mode entirely, saving the whole track into the device’s temporary memory. This feature finally curbs the all-too-common accidental unplugging during setup. The CDJ 3000 updates via USB by placing the device into into firmware update mode.

Pioneer’s social network, KUVO, is also now CDJ-3000 available. KUVO’s network helps DJs and clubs using Pioneer’s family of Rekordbox-compatible devices to promote their mixes or showcase their venue’s events. Registration on the Pioneer DJ website grants one access to KUVO and other Pioneer DJ networks.

Cache is King

Pioneer — now the AlphaTheta Corporation — remains a staple in DJ culture since 1994. Their flagship CDJ-500 was the first flat-top CD player with pitch control for DJs. In 2001 the CDJ-1000 again changed the DJing the landscape, introducing a vinyl-like element to digital performing. The CDJ-2000 and CDJ-2000NXS in 2011 brought smartphone capability and introduced file organization software Rekordbox.

The CDJ-3000 was released in September 2020. More information on the CDJ-3000 Firmware Update 1.08 is available on the Pioneer DJ website.

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