Tham, Repro, Julian Muller, Binary Digit Deliver KAOS / OAKS EP, BLEACHED PUNK

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Héctor Oaks has upheld his penchant for platforming a wide variety of techno-adjacent electronic music. BLEACHED PUNK, an EP comprised of tracks by ThamReproJulian Muller and Binary Digit, somehow touches on both industrial and trance. It releases via Oaks’ record label, KAOS / OAKS, on January 28th.

“Aiming For The Innocent” by Tham tempers hard techno kick drums with suspenseful chords that ring out overhead. Repro, who also appeared on KAOS / OAKS’ August EP, #TOOMUCHISTHEMINIMUM, follows with the softer yet still foreboding “Altschmerz.” Julian Muller’s “Nancy’s Track” stands out as perhaps the most industrial-leaning song of the effort, before a significant departure in the form of the 8-bit-inspired “Sad900” by Binary Digit closes out the effort.

Meanwhile in Berlin

Héctor Oaks’ exploration of experimental, envelope-pushing sounds is by no means confined to his label. The Berlin-based DJ and producer – who has held down residencies in Madrid, Berlin and Tbilisi – recently debuted on Tresor Records with the eight-track Año V​-​I. A journey through BPMs, textures and tones, the effort lends credence to the argument that techno remains a futurist statement not limited by the musings of a bygone era.

KAOS07: BLEACHED PUNK is available for purchase in digital and vinyl formats via Héctor Oaks Bandcamp.

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