Darc Marc, Repro, Uncrat, Peter Mannerfelt Unite on Techno EP, #TOOMUCHISTHEMINIMUM

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Héctor Oaks has given a home to an envelope-pushing techno four-track EP. Peter Mannerfelt, Darc Marc, Repro and Uncrat delivered the tracks comprising #TOOMUCHISTHEMINIMUM. It arrives by way of KAOS / OAKS August 8th, 2020.

Each artist’s distinctive style plays curiously well with those of the others. Mannerfelt opens the EP with a cinematic industrial techno cut titled “The B 2.0” before Repro brings suspenseful melodies in “The Moment Of Impact.” Darc Marc (of “Dirty Rocking Bass” fame) follows with the hard techno single “Running With The Devil” before Uncrat closes the effort out with the trance-tinged “Linx.”

Expert Ear

After a career that landed him DJ residencies in hotspots like Madrid, Berlin and Tbilisi, Héctor Oaks launched KAOS /OAKS in 2016. Although he typically favors the hard, fast and abrasive, Oaks has thus far explored a diverse range of the techno spectrum while still uncovering music that fits the sound of his brand.

Further showcasing his eclectic musings, Oaks performs under a side project called Cadency on special occasions. Self-described as “techno body music gone pop,” the alias affords him the opportunity to play breaks, ghettotech and the like.

Pre-order #TOOMUCHISTHEMINIMUM in digital and vinyl formats via Bandcamp.

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