DJ Godfather Announces the Show Some Respect EP

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Electro, Ghettotech, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

In October, DJ Godfather released his long-awaited debut album, Electro Beats for Freaks – an ambitious, 44-track effort. The next six months will see the ghettotech veteran release a series of EPs highlighting selections from the longform work, starting with the Show Some Respect EP due out January 29th via Databass.

Whereas the album comprised snippets of each song optimized for continuous playback, the Show Some Respect EP contains full versions of three entries to its tracklist: “Show Some Respect,” “Sunday Morning Spliff” and “These Strippers” featuring Dan Diamond. Also included is an instrumental version of the latter song.

“I made [Electro Beats for Freaks] a continuous mix on purpose,” said DJ Godfather (real name Brian Jeffries) of the album. “You can skip through the songs but the beginning and ends of the track mix into each other.  I did that so it will be harder for other DJs to play the tracks at first.  This album will be kind of like a sampler to DJs and a full album to non-DJs that just want to listen to the music.  For me, it was another way to get all of the attention from the tracks on one project.”

The Show Some Respect EP will be available in digital format via Databass on January 29th.

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