ADSR Sounds Releases Free Sample Pack, 20 Designers for 2020

by | Nov 8, 2020 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

ADSR Sounds has released 20 Designers for 2020, a free sample pack from emerging sound design labels.

“Each one of these nominated labels has been hand-picked by the ADSR team as ‘one to watch,’” reads verbiage on the ASDR website. “The list includes both veterans and newcomers to the sound design industry and each and every one of them is a creative powerhouse bringing fresh vibes to the music community.”

20 Designers for 2020 are in fact individual packs organized by sound design label. The sample packs vary across MIDI clips, plugin presets and high-quality WAV samples. Short demo songs showcasing each sample pack’s full capabilities are also included on the 20 Designers for 2020 main page.

ADSR Sample Manager.

Access to the collection is granted by simply registering on the ADSR site with a valid email address.  In addition to the packs, a 2.9 GB sound library and ADSR’s Sample Manager Software are also available in the welcome email.

ADSR Ltd is a company and music production school in Hong Kong, founded in 2012. They sell presets and sample packs for many different plugins and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). The company also offers online music production courses for very advanced synth plugins such as u-he’s Zebra and SpectrasonicsOmnisphere.

20 Designers for 2020 is available via the ASDR Sounds website.

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