u-he’s Zebralette Gets an Update and a Makeover

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u-he’s free synth-modeling plugin has finally gotten an update along with a brand-new look.

Zebralette is the free version of their four-oscillator Zebra2 plugin, only providing one oscillator to craft sounds. Don’t be fooled, however – Zebralette’s Waveform Editor provides 16 customizable waveforms to use. Four drawing modes are available: GeoMorph and GeoBlend allows 32-point waveform harmonic drawing while SpectroBlend and SpectroMorph give harmonic control across 128 columns.

Zebralette’s Waveform Editor provides 16 individual preset and customizable waveforms to use.

u-he Zebralette’s Waveform Editor.

Pairing the Zebralette’s modulators with its WaveWarp feature and over 30 effects adds subtleties or extra dynamics to a sound. After mastering the plugin, users can move over to Zebra2, offering more in-depth sound modeling options across four different oscillators. Rounding it off with a sleek GUI plus new support (including Mac OS X Big Sur) makes Zebralette a strong addition to any plugin library. As the developers put it, “You can do quite a lot with one oscillator.”

The original u-he Zebralette.

Urs Heckmann founded Berlin-based u-he (Heckmann Audio GmbH)  in 2001. The Diva, Zebra, Hive and Repro virtual analogue synthesizers have all been released to rave reviews. U-he even has a special version of the Zebra2 plugin for film composer Hans Zimmer.

Learn more or download the Zebralette on the u-he website.

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