Jeff Mills Announces 10th EP Under Millsart Alias

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July marked the release of Jeff Mills‘ latest EP as Millsart, Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 9. After putting out the debut album for his new group, The Beneficiaries as well as a 17-song LP under his main project, he has announced the next release from his 20-year-running alias. Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 10 will arrive by way of Axis Records on September 17th.

Mills inaugurated the Millsart alias in 2000 with the first installment of the Every Dog Has Its Day series, and he shelved it after releasing Vol. 4 in 2003. After a 17-year lapse he released Vol. 5 in January, followed by Vol. 678 and 9 between April and July. All the while, the project’s melodic, ambient musings set it apart from the Detroit techno mainstay’s typically experimental body of work.

The Mind of Jeff Mills

After making a name for himself under the moniker “The Wizard” for his DJ tricks on Detroit radio stations WDRQ and WJLB in the ’80s, Jeff Mills played a direct role in second-wave Detroit techno. He was one of the founders of DJ collective Underground Resistance, a group greatly responsible for the genre’s legacy as protest music.

In the three decades since, Mills has arguably contributed a great deal to the abstract philosophy around the techno genre. He still uses his platform to pose social commentary as well. After Black Lives Matter protests erupted across the world in the wake of George Floyd‘s death in Minneapolis, his social media presence underwent a noticeable shift.

Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 10 will be available September 17th via the Axis Records website.

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