Jeff Mills to Re-Release Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 1-3

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Culture, Stories | 0 comments

Jeff Mills looks to cap off the 2020 revival of his Millsart alias with a reissue of the project’s original works. The first three volumes of the Detroit DJ and producer’s Every Dog Has Its Day EP series released in 2000-2002. Now digitally remastered, they will arrive by way of Axis Records on August 13th, 2020.

Starting in January and ending in July, Mills released Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 5-9 in rapid succession. Prior to that, he had not put out any music as Millsart since Vol. 4 in 2003. The project’s tranquil melodies serve as something of a departure from his dissonant, sometimes abrasive style of techno.

The Mind of Mills

With a career in electronic music spanning over three decades, Jeff Mills remains known for uncompromising artistic integrity. Nicknamed “The Wizard” for his highly technical mixing, he has also contributed greatly to the intellectual dialogue around techno.

As Black Lives Matter protests erupted across the globe last month, Mills’ shift in online presence became a point of discussion among electronic music enthusiasts. It called tastemakers like DVS1 to revisit Mills’ founding role in Underground Resistance, a collective greatly responsible for techno’s history as protest music.

Purchase Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 5-9 in digital and vinyl formats on the Axis Records website.

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