The Haçienda is being Recreated in Virtual Reality

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Recreating iconic Manchester clubs appears to be popular lately. Wigan Pier has been immortalized with a miniature replica, and soon fans will be able to explore a digital version of The Haçienda in virtual reality.

Little more than a Facebook page set up to promote Fac 51 The Hacienda VR is available at the time of writing. The app – which page admins say will come out on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift for iOS and Android – will allow dance music enthusiasts to explore a polygonal model of the club interior. Users will be able to spend time with friends at scheduled events, according to DJ Mag.


The Haçienda Revisited

No conversation about the U.K. acid house era is complete without mention of The Haçienda. The Manchester club opened its doors in 1982 and played host to the likes of Liaisons DangereusesMadonna and The Smiths before house music grew popular in the city around 1986.

Shootings and the U.K.’s first ecstasy-related death mired The Haçienda in controversy in the ’90s, and increased drug use among patrons hurt the club’s liquor sales. After losing close to £18 million in its final years, the club lost its entertainments license and discontinued operations in 1997.

No official release date for Fac 51 The Hacienda VR has been announced at the time of writing.

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