Artist Designs Miniature Replica of ’90s Club Wigan Pier

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Historic nightlife destination Wigan Pier has been commemorated in an unusual way. Artist Mike Mahoney has put the finishing touches on a miniature replica of the ’90s-era club eight years in the making.

According to a post on the Facebook page The Memories from Wigan Pier, Mahoney started the project in 2012. In conversation with Mixmag, he explained that he emailed the Wigan Council to request photos from inside the club ahead of its scheduled demolition. He began designing the model itself between 2014-2016, and shelved it until the COVID-19 lockdown gave him ample free time to resume working on it.

Remembering Wigan Pier

As rave culture swept over the U.K. from late ’80s through the ’90s, Wigan Pier grew to be associated with styles like house and bounce. The club discontinued operations in 2011, and the building was demolished from 2014-2015. Developments to update the space remain ongoing.

Videos and photos from the nightclub can be found on The Memories from Wigan Pier.

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