Electro, Techno and House Converge on Liam Fattori’s I Create Chaos EP

by | May 26, 2020 | Electro, House, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Among the more risk-taking artists to deliver an EP in recent months is Parisian producer Liam Fattori. Never one to shy away from pushing the envelope, he has bridged the worlds of house, techno and electro in his I Create Chaos EP. It’s the inaugural release on his own label, Comics Trip Records.

The four-track effort kicks off with “Point Of View,” which melds the high tempo of techno with the wonk of minimal house. “911 Funk Rescue” and the title track see Fattori meander through the urban syncopations of acid electro, with the final track closing out on a more melodic note.

One-Way Trip

According to verbiage on the Comics Trip Facebook page, the label will take a story-driven direction with its releases similar to that of Gene On Earth. “Each episode will highlight a multifaceted protagonist as he breaks free from the existing musical boundaries,” it reads.

Liam Fattori’s I Create Chaos EP is available in 12-inch vinyl format via deejay.de.

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