Gene On Earth to Release 4-Track 12″, The Juggler, via Limousine Dream

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Berlin DJ/producer Gene On Earth has announced a 12-inch vinyl record via his own Limousine Dream imprint. The Juggler comprises four tracks that borrow elements of minimal techno, deep house and electro to form a tasteful and cohesive whole.

Unpredictable percussion underscores a stripped-down arpeggio in “Beluga Entree,” whereas the swing of “Junior Goblet” almost hints at U.K. garage. The B side offers two separate mixes of “Yo Banana Boy.” The “GT Mix” is characterized my a dissonant melody on the high-end, and the “WMC Mix” resolves the effort with a more familiar motif.

The Misadventures of Gene On Earth

Gene On Earth (real name Gene Arthur) inaugurated his project with the Lazybones EP in 2017. Accompanying each of his releases is a chapter of an ongoing fictional story revolving around an eponymous character.

Arthur’s debut release introduced the surrealistic dreamworld of Gene, who sets out travels punctuated with fanciful encounters. 2019 marked the release of his nine-track EP, Local Fuzz, which coincided with an eventful turn in the tale.

The Juggler arrives by way of Limousine Dream via on April 27th, 2020.


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