Griessmuehle’s Impending Closure Incites Protests in Berlin

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Stories | 0 comments

The local town hall of Neukölln, Berlin reportedly became the site of protests on Wednesday afternoon. The looming closure of creative space Griessmuehle spurred members of the nightlife community to assemble peacefully with signs and flags in hand.

The protests coincided with an announcement from Griessmuehle founder David Ciura that the club will stay open one weekend longer than originally planned, allowing for a February 1st finale of their Cocktail d’Amore event brand. Their rental contract ends January 31st, and the owners of the property plan to demolish it and build offices in its place.

Among the messages written on protesters signs were “Let Us Dance,” “ACAB: All Clubs Are Beautiful,” and “Hard Trance Against Profit.” Neukölln Deputy Mayor reportedly called out “Clubkultur ist Kultur!” to the crowd, who met the rallying cry with applause.

More information on the final Cocktail d’Amore event at Griessmuehle can be found on its Facebook event page.

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