Berlin Club Griessmuehle Launches “Save Our Spaces” Fundraiser Effort

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Stories | 0 comments

A space near and dear to Berlin’s nightlife community has redefined the initialism “SOS” as part of a last-ditch effort to stay afloat. Griessmuehle is facing financial turmoil, and in order to stay open the club has launched a fundraiser initiative titled “Save Our Spaces.”

“We love Berlin and it‘s unlimited freedom,” reads verbiage on the Griessmuehle website. “The freedom to be and to do whatever you want. There are many places that enable that freedom, especially in the city’s world-renowned nightlife.”

“…But these places are in danger. We are in danger,” reads a later passage. “It’s time to respect the clubs as they are, to acknowledge our cultural contribution and to give us a permanent place to exist.” The website promises to “spread more info in early 2020.”

Griessmuehle has played host to tastemakers like Darwin, in addition to a 87-hour gathering in 2018 that garnered the club significant notoriety. The following year, management opened a record store called Latitude in the adjacent space formerly occupied by The Record Loft.

More information on how to support Griessmuehle will presumably be provided on their website in the coming weeks.

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