MaRLo to Inaugurate “The Launch” of New Label with Big Single

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The past two years have easily brought more milestones in MaRLo‘s career than any before. Eager to build on the momentum, he’s revealed a new venture in the works: A record label called Reaching Altitude whose debut release will be his main stage-friendly new track, “The Launch.”

Whereas the Australian DJ and producer leaned more towards the uplifting end of the trance spectrum with his July single “Onaj,” his upcoming release is practically engineered for festival crowds. In a preview clip of MaRLo testing it out live, its similarity to mainstream EDM (save for its higher BPM) is unmistakeable.

I Live for that Energy

MaRLo was born in the Netherlands and is now based in Melbourne – two locations in which trance has historically held major footing. Following a long career that saw him billed at events across the globe, he began to garner significant attention for his unique take on the genre, termed “tech energy,” from late 2015 to early 2016.

Between his sold-out Altitude events in Melbourne, Sydney, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur and the birth of his son, River, 2017 has already proven a busy year for the artist. With Reaching Altitude added to his workload, his brand only looks to grow even more.

“Reaching Altitude will be a platform not only to release my own music, but to showcase the music that I’m supporting in my sets globally,” MaRLo wrote in an accompanying Facebook post. “So keep your eyes peeled, we’ll have more announcements very soon.”

“The Launch” by MaRLo arrives by way of Reaching Altitude September 22nd.

Source: Trance Project

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