Paul Woolford Announces New Album as Special Request

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Paul Woolford has channeled his Special Request alter ego for his next major release. Titled Belief System, the 23-track album will come out as a four-disc LP on London imprint Houndstooth, and it will exhibit more eclectic leanings than Woolford’s typical house and techno releases.

Woolford has not offered up a lead single from Belief System at this time. However, a 30-second teaser video posted to the Houndstooth YouTube channel is synced to a clip of an as-yet-untitled track from the effort.

The Prolific Paul Woolford

A statement from Houndstooth explains that Belief System has been an exercise on Woolford’s part in expanding the sonic horizons of his Special Request project. It promises “vast layers of atmospherics, unhinged modular work [and] contact microphone recordings of icebergs cracking,” in addition to “the introduction of stark soundtrack pieces.”

The news follows a recent stunt in which Woolford uploaded 20 tracks to his SoundCloud account for free download, several of which were Special Request works.

Paul Woolford’s Special Request album, Belief System, arrives by way of Houndstooth in October. Find the tracklist and album art for the effort below.

01. Chrysalis
02. Adel Crag Microdot
03. Catacombs
04. Tiresias
05. Sanctuary
06. Change
70. Curtain Twitcher
08. Scrambled in LS1
09. Make It Real
10. Brainstorm
11. Leviathan
12. Replicant (Nexus 7 VIP)
13. Cheyne Stoking
14. Light In The Darkest Hour
15. Carex Vesicaria
16. Advent
17. Witness
18. Transmission
19. Reckoning
20. Qoriqzona
21. Five Lane Ends
22. Ouroboros
23. In Loving Memory

Paul Woolford Special Request Belief System Album Art

Source: Resident Advisor

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