Aphex Twin Adds Music Player and Store to Website

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Aphex Twin releases find their way to his fans in colorful ways, but he has just made his back catalogue much more accessible. Plenty of color was still involved, though. The homepage of the English DJ and producer (whose real name is Richard James) now features an archive of playable tracks for purchase in a pixelated 8-bit visual motif.

26 Aphex Twin releases are available on the store – some studio-length albums, some EPs, and some singles. An additional entry at the bottom features no playable content or album art. Instead, a note reads, “ALL Rephlex material will be going up here in due course+xtras (sic)”

In addition to enabling fans to purchase music in MP3, WAV or FLAC formats, the store offers much of James’ discography as vinyl records or CDs. Quirky easter eggs in the interface render the website a novelty in and of itself, even for those who don’t enjoy his music.

Between his back catalogue and archives of unreleased music, the 27 listings still hardly scratch the surface of James’ generation-spanning body of work. For example, as part of his partnership with KORG he recently cut a track using only their Monologue synthesizer.

More music will be added to Aphex Twin’s website in the months to follow. Find it here.

Source: Mixmag

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