Korg Promotes Monologue Synth with New Aphex Twin Track

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Given Aphex Twin‘s penchant for reclusive behavior, his recent partnership may have come as a surprise to some. The English DJ and producer joined forces with Korg to help engineer the manufacturer’s new Monologue, and he ended the arrangement by sharing a song produced entirely with sounds from the analog synthesizer.

Aphex Twin A.K.A. Richard James is certainly known for his challenging concepts, but “korg funk 5” sounds more like a tongue-in-cheek gag than an introspective odyssey. The only element of the arrangement that didn’t originate from the Monologue is a sample of James’ son enunciating its name. The rest were made using Korg Volca Beats, Korg Volca Keys, Korg Volca Sampler, a Korg Poly-61M, a Korg MS-20 kit, in addition to Korg Minilogue.

James participated in an interview with Korg advisor Tatsuya Takahashi for Warp Records, and revealed the quirky track at that time. He went on to discuss his the thought processes that led him to suggest that the manufacturer included microtuning, segueing into the topic of inventor Nikolai Tesla.

Aphex Twin still has yet to reveal what might be forshadowed by the video he posted to his Facebook page in May.

Source: EDM.com

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