Microsoft Releases MIDI 2.0 Repository

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The MIDI 2.0 Repository is now available for Microsoft developers via GitHub (also a Microsoft service and platform). It marks a step forward for both manufacturers and enthusiasts looking to implement MIDI 2.0 into both hardware and software. 

Until recently, these specifications in Microsoft’s repository were under a strict non-disclosure agreement by the MIDI Association and the Association of Musical Electronics Industry (AMEI). Both companies review every version until full approval.

The MIDI Association, who oversaw both Google and Apple MIDI 2.0 implementations, approved of the overall specification’s updates in late 2022. In a March 2023 article on their site, the Association explains their role in approving on these standards:

“One of the things that has always made MIDI unique… is that no one owns MIDI and the MIDI Associations… don’t sell anything. We… get companies to volunteer their staff to work on really complex problems (like MIDI 2.0), work together to solve those problems… we give away the solutions and specifications for free so anyone can use them to make MIDI products.”


Introduced in 1985, The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) technical standard is a solution to synchronizing instruments from different companies. MIDI allows musicians to use electronic sounds in songs with perfect timing and create complex arrangements with little notation expertise.

The MIDI Association

The MIDI Association oversees the standards for full MIDI compatibility among all devices. The group is a vast a community connecting artists and developers using MIDI technology worldwide.

Find more information on the MIDI 2.0 Repository on Microsoft’s GitHub page.

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