Arturia’s Korg-Inspired Filter MS-20 is Free for a Limited Time

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Tech | 0 comments

Arturia is wrapping up a busy year of plugins by releasing a filter inspired by the Korg MS-20’s parameters.

Using Arturia’s True Analogue Emulation technology, the Filter MS-20 comes very close to sounding like Korg’s 1978 model. Stereo and distortion are key elements in this plugin, one Arturia describes as a “punchy sound energizer.”

Users get a master cutoff, high and low-pass parameters with peak control for both, and a stereo knob. For distortion, there are high and low pass filters and a dry/wet control and output to manage hard clipping. Each parameter on the Filter MS-20 is controllable by hardware or DAW, providing the manipulation of warm and fuzzy tones to any audio.

The output of the plugin has the master mix and FX controls and extends to reveal more options for modulation.

The Filter MS-20 is available for free until January 2nd, 2023; from that point it will be priced at $99. Download the Filter MS-20 and find more information on Arturia’s website.

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