Solid State Logic Debuts the SSL CONNEX USB Microphone

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Solid State Logic’s SSL CONNEX is a portable, multi-purpose microphone for high-quality audio capture. Solid State Logic CTO Enrique Perez states that “SSL CONNEX is the ultimate ‘portable problem solver’ for today’s fast-paced digital age.”

The quad-directional microphone boasts features directly from SSL’s studio and broadcast production tools. The SSL CONNEX’s compact size also means it works on flat surfaces or mounted to a microphone or camera stand. 

Using a MAC/PC and USB equipped tablet, SSL CONNEX works with all major video conferencing platforms. A touch-sensitive interface at the top of the unit provides various options to adjust headphone and microphone settings. 


Four “user modes” are available, each tailored to capture audio in various environments. A  colored SSL panel allows users to quickly identify both the microphone muting state and which DSP setting is currently on.

White (Solo mode): This mode optimizes audio capture for a single sound source from the front of the unit. Conference calls or single-presenter live streaming is ideal in Solo mode. SSL CONNEX is optimized for speech while reducing sound from the back and side faces. 

Green (Group mode): This mode on the SSL CONNEX is for round table conference calls and live-streaming with groups. SSL CONNEX balances multiple voices in the room with its microphone array and automatic smart mixer. 

Magenta (Vocal mode): Vocal mode uses SSL EQ and dynamics processing algorithms to enhance vocal recordings for on-the-fly recording. Vocal mode also rejects sounds from the sides and rear of SSL CONNEX. 

Blue (Music mode): A group of musicians positioned around SSL CONNEX can capture a high-quality audio recording. SSL CONNEX intelligently alters the sensitivity of the microphone array, reducing the noise floor and background noise. For acoustic instruments, the SSL CONNEX recognizes and boosts louder signals.

Immersive: Immersive uses all four modes, allowing users to access individual mic sources in one setting. This is most useful for immersive and spatial recordings or broadcasts.

Solid State Logic’s SSL CONNEX is available now at an introductory price of $149.99. The regular price is $199.99.

Find more information on Solid State Logic’s website.

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