Beatport DJ Party Mode Allows up to 4 DJs to Perform Together from Anywhere in the World

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Beatport‘s new technology allows up to four DJs perform with each other via Beatport DJ and DJ pool service Beatsource.

Users can select tracks in both programs from Beatport’s vast library or import their own collection, then mix the tracks into each other in “Party Mode.” Party Mode provides “latency-free,” real-time mixing on the web-based platform from anywhere in the world. While users mix together in real time, dynamics can be used to color the track like EQs, crossfaders, filters and more.

Party Mode also provides a 100-person audience to listen, request songs, and create shared session playlists within the software.

The system was first demonstrated in 2021 with DJs Jamie Jones and Loco Dice playing in Berlin and London, respectively. It gave audiences the chance to not only hear but see how this technology can work in full.

To use Party Mode as a DJ, you must first have a subscription to Beatport Streaming, starting at $9.99/month. Viewers need a Beatport account to join Party Mode, but you do not need a subscription to join. A Beatsource subscription starts at $9.99; A premium subscription costs $34.99/month.

Find more information and sign up on the Beatport DJ website. Sign up for a Beatsource subscription on their website.


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