Brian Eno to Release 22nd Album, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Ambient, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Five years have passed since Brian Eno released his last studio-length album, Reflection. The definitive ambient composer has announced an upcoming ten-track effort, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE. It releases October 14th on Verve Records.

Ahead of the full album, Eno has shared the music video for a lead single titled “There Were Bells.” He recorded it while preparing for a 2021 performance at the Acropolis in Athens, including a somewhat rare vocal delivery.

“Garden Of Stars,” which Eno performed at the same event, will also appear on FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE.

According to a press release, anxieties around climate change inspired Eno’s 22nd solo album. “Like everybody else — except, apparently, most of the governments of the world — I’ve been thinking about our narrowing, precarious future, and this music grew out of those thoughts,” he said. “Perhaps it’s more accurate to say I’ve been feeling about it…and the music grew out of the feelings.”

“Those of us who share those feelings are aware that the world is changing at a super-rapid rate, and that large parts of it are disappearing forever…hence the album title,” Eno continues. “These aren’t propaganda songs to tell you what to believe and how to act. Instead they’re my own exploration of my own feelings.”

Find the tracklist for FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE by Brian Eno below, and preorder the album across platforms here.

01. Who Gives a Thought
02. We Let It In
03. Icarus or Blériot
04. Garden of Stars
05. Inclusion
06. There Were Bells
07. Sherry
08. I’m Hardly Me
09. These Small Noises
10. Making Gardens Out of Silence

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