Novation V-Station and B-Station are Now Free to Download

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Novation‘s classic software synthesizers V-Station and B-Station are now available as free downloads for Mac and Windows.

V-Station’s virtual analogue synthesizer is a recreation of Novation’s K-Station hardware synthesizer.  Like the K-Station, the V-Station uses three oscillators to generate sounds. Added effects, filters and overdrive in the V-Station software provide more room for sound design. 

V-Station uses Novation’s Liquid Analog synthesis engine, featuring over 200 factory presets. An additional 400 user slots are available to save custom patches.

B-Station emulates the 1993 Novation Bass Station dual oscillator synthesizer. The software also replicates the signal path of the original synth, allowing creation of a variety of sounds. The B-Station comes with 100 brand new presets created by Novation. 

Both these plugins are discontinued and there is no further technical support. Additionally, some Windows and Apple M1 computers may not support the plugins.

Find more information and download V-Station & B-Station on Novation’s website.

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