Cratedigging with Andrew Wowk – 10 Choice Cuts from April

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Searching for new music takes time, something which seems to be in smaller and smaller quantities these days for many of us. Given the sheer amount of releases that grace the internet on a daily basis, occasionally great tracks are bound to pass you by. Crate Digging is a monthly roundup of top-tier tunes you might have missed from across the electronic music spectrum. From obscurities uncovered during trips down Bandcamp rabbit holes to the latest releases from legendary artists, Crate Digging is here to keep your collection up to date.

1. Jeff Mills & The Zanza 22 – Cause & Effect [Axis Records]

Detroit icon Jeff Mills explores his love of jazz, funk and contemporary orchestral music through the lens of techno and machine music in this heady, laid-back piece. Sparkling pads swirl around ever-evolving organ sequences, while low-slung TR-909 drum loops keep things moving consistently.

2. Karmel Jäger – I Like Unresolved Tension (Milenze Remix) [Extra Spicy]

Chaotic, thunderous electro beats collide with rapid-fire rave stabs and vocal hits for maximum dance floor destruction in Milenze‘s remix of “I Like Unresolved Tension” by Karmel Jäger. It’s part breakbeat, part ghetto tech, part electro, all energy.

3. Juan Sanchez – Rapax [Newrhythmic Records]

This is one of those grooves that could go on forever, and it would never get boring. Juan Sanchez delivers a propulsive, hypnotic techno tune that combines crunchy, grinding percussion with spacey, otherworldly effects which slowly twist and morph over the course of the track.

4. INVT – Hasta Que No Pueda Mas [INVT]

Miami duo INVT continue their adventures in connecting the dots between different genres and vibes, this time mixing elements from tribal house, techno, and Baile funk. The result is a chunky percussive jam that doesn’t skimp on the funk.

5. Myledo – Crack A Freshy [Music For Change]

Footwork meets jungle in “Crack A Freshy” by Myledo, combining the best bits of both into a high-energy, bouncy, and bass-heavy cut full of chopped-up vocal samples, booming sub bass hits, and quirky breaks.

6. Hüda – Sun Resistance [Companion]

Hüda delivers a beautiful, warm journey through the outer realms of drum and bass. Lush, spine-tingling chords float above warm, vibrant bass and subtle, unobtrusive drums, creating a pleasant journey for the senses.

7. Greazus – WTF [Defrostatica Records]

The Canadian duo HxdB and Patrik Cure mix elements of electro, techno, and breakbeat into a blistering, squelchy acid banger. Twisted vocal snippets and growling sub bass sequences add a layer of tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.

8. Hannd – Eardrum Rattle [Common Ancestors]

The psychedelic, spacious, and meditative sound of classic tech and progressive house is back in full force right now. Hannd‘s loving nod to it is as close as you’ll get to the feeling of being on the dance floor of the end at the turn of the millennium.

9. Snarexx – Funk Connection [Philthtrax]

Sometimes all you need is some snappy 808 beats, a bouncy 303 bass line, and wobbly synths to have a party. While contemporary electro mostly focuses on harder, darker sounds, “Funk Connection” by Snarexx takes it back to the genre’s early days where mechanical rhythms were blended with the low-slung funk of hip-hop and b-boy breaks.

10. Rewx – 909 [Subsist]

Deep, soulful, and atmospheric breakbeat with a melancholy edge by Rewx. The mellow, soulful chords and subtle bass line contrast intriguingly with the introspective spoken word vocal samples.

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