Temporary Pleasure Launch Fundraiser for Future Dublin Pop-Up Club

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Set in motion by rave architecture collective Temporary Pleasure, a Kickstarter campaign for a new Dublin pop-up club has been launched.

With the space already designed, the collective is looking for help building it. They also plan to offer a two-week design and build workshop for up to 50 participants.

In a six-week timeframe, they are looking at hosting 40 late-night and fringe events filled with over 100 Irish artists. Additionally, Temporal Pleasure is collaborating with 12 local organizations.

In 2021, they designed, built, and tested a prototype club in five days. Located in a disused warehouse, they realized the prototype together with 20 workshop participants, a carpentry shop, and a queer community center. The fundraiser goal is €25,000.

“Over the last two decades, 90% of Irish nightclubs have disappeared. This September, we’re turning a vacant inner-city space into a new ephemeral club — designed, built, and programmed by local communities who have lost their venues,” Temporary Pleasure wrote in a statement on the Kickstarter page.

“Earlier this year, we won an Arts Council ‘Engaging with Architecture’ Award, raising half the money we need to design and build a new club through public engagement,” they continue. “We’ve designed our dream club — now we need your help to build it.”

Fighting the fading of Irish nightlife, Temporary Pleasure is a group made up of of creatives and architects. Working closely with locals in the process, they transform unoccupied buildings into cultural pop-up locations.

For more information on the project visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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