Ron Trent Announces First New Album In 11 Years

by | May 5, 2022 | Heritage Artists, House | 0 comments

Influential Chicago-born house DJ and producer Ron Trent has announced the release of his first album in 11 years, What Do The Stars Say To You.

The ten-track LP will be released under the “Ron Trent presents WARM” banner as a nod to the album’s many collaborations as well as his dream of being an architect. “With WARM, through sound design, I built frameworks for the musicians, who furnished and occupied these structures,” Trent said of the LP.

Trent’s first single from the album is “Flos Potentia (Sugar, Cotton, Tobacco)” featuring Khruangbin. Other collaborators on the album include Azymuth, Gigi Masin, and Jean-Luc Ponty. “Each track was made with a guest in mind,” Trent said. “For example, when I started writing ‘Sphere,’ I immediately thought, ‘This IS [Jean-Luc] Ponty.’

What Do The Stars Say To You releases on June 17th through LateNightTales‘ sister label Night Time Stories in two versions. The standard edition comes with ten tracks, while fans can also purchase a 15-track continuous version mixed by François K.

Beginning in 1986 by experimenting with beat machines and a keyboard, Ron Trent is considered one of the pioneers of the Chicago music scene. His first release, a thirteen-minute mix called Altered States, is considered an international classic.

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