Invite-Only Club Venus In Furs AKA Paragon Opens in Brooklyn

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Stories, Venue | 0 comments

An invite-only club named Venus In Furs (also known as Paragon) has opened in the Bed Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Set in a multi-story space on Broadway Avenue, the club is a new project from John Barclay. Known for operating DIY club spaces, Barclay also had a hand in opening the indefinitely closed Bossa Nova Civic Club (BNCC) and 285 Kent.

Hopeful attendees must RSVP at the club’s website. RSVPing does not guarantee an invite, however.

Organizers have been quietly running events at the venue throughout the winter. On April 11th, BNCC publicly announced the club’s launch on Instagram. “As you may have heard, we have been working on a new spot for quite some time,” they wrote. “We’ve been keeping it secret until now but seems like it may be time to slowly open the gates.”

No COVID-19 restrictions are listed on the website. Last month, NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced that businesses, including indoor and outdoor concert venues, will no longer require proof of vaccination. Businesses, however, are still able to enforce their own set of requirements for entry.

The venue is located at 990 Broadway. Those interested in RSVPing to events at the club can do so on their website.

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