Fire Caused by Sparkler Forces London Nightclub Evacuation

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Stories | 0 comments

The Little Orange Door, a nightclub in the Clapham neighborhood of London, was forced to evacuate when a fire broke out.

Early morning Sunday, April 10th, authorities were called to the club. According to reports, attendees began waving sparklers in the air when Katy Perry‘s single “Firework” started playing. At least one person dropper their sparkler, which ignited the dance floor. About 60 people were in the room at the time.

25 firefighters subdued the flames in an hour, while several attendees suffered minor injuries such as cuts and bruises. Four were treated for smoke inhalation, with one admitted to the hospital.

In a press release posted on their website, owners said they were “devastated.” “We are incredibly relieved that no one was seriously injured and that it was contained quickly… To all those in attendance: we are truly sorry. We are taking this incredibly seriously and understand how scary it must have been.” They reassured the public that they are taking “every step necessary” to prevent and future incidents.

This is not the first time this year a fire has broken out in a nightclub. in January, the Bossa Nova Civic Club was forced to close due to catastrophic damage from a building fire.

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