Native Instruments and iZotope Form New Umbrella Company, Soundwide

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Hardware, Software, Tech | 0 comments

Hardware and software manufactures iZotope and Native Instruments have joined forces to create an umbrella company called Soundwide.

As part of the deal, the newly formed company acquired well-known plugin developers Brainworx along with their storefront platform Plugin Alliance. The four groups will all operate as one under the Soundwide banner. A new company named SoundStacks, which will focus on R&D surrounding plugins and music making tools, was formed as well.

Soundwide formed an “Artist Board” comprising of artists Alicia Keys, El-P, and Young Guru, among others. Their mission is to “provide insight, guidance, and new ways of working to foster and inclusive community that welcomes all creators.”

Speaking on the venture, Soundwide’s recently appointed CEO Mark Cattini said, “Going forward, we’re asking ourselves: ‘What do your community members need to tap into their ultimate creative workflow and how can we help them get there?'” He went on to say the Artist Board “provides a unique opportunity to offer up more seats at the table.”

To celebrate the formation of Soundwide, Native Instruments is giving away various plugins for free, including Ethereal Earth and Neutron Elements. They can be found here.

Those interested in learning more about Soundwide can visit their website.

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