Korg’s Volca fm 2 Adds Additional Polyphony, Additional MIDI Connectivity

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Hardware, Tech | 0 comments

Korg’s volca fm 2 synthesizer is an updated version of the groundbreaking volca FM, adding extra effects and support for more modern applications.

Korg’s website explains the latest model in more detail: “The next-gen volca fm … perfectly reproduces the sound of the classic Yamaha DX7 and is completely compatible with SYS-EX patches for the DX7 as well.

“Battery (included) or adapter (optional) operated with built-in speakers and a compact and light chassis, the volca fm is the ultimate portable FM solution for all musicians.

“This new generation – with double the voices of its predecessor, additional effects, expanded MIDI connectivity, and intuitive interface – is poised to bring unprecedented possibilities to your setup, and revolutionize your studio with new musical ideas.”

The leading feature of the fm 2 it is possible to play, sequence or arpeggiate up to six voices. The new volca fm 2 also includes velocity sensitivity via MIDI, providing more expressive analogue performance.

A reverb effect, in addition to the chorus, is now also available. Each of these effects have individual adjustable parameters.

The internal sequencer on the volca fm 2 offers looping up to 16 steps, with recordable functions during live performance. Storage for up to 16 sequence patterns are a part of the internal memory.

The volca fm 2’s sequence function can record subtle or major knob and parameter adjustment in real time.

3.5mm MIDI out (IN/OUT 3.5 mm TRS) connectivity allows the volca internal sequencer to control other devices through MIDI.

The Volca fm 2 costs $169.99. It runs on six AA batteries, has an integrated speaker, and weighs only 12.6oz (without batteries). Find more information on Korg’s website.

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