Detroit Duo Dopplereffekt to Release 1st Album in 5 Years

by | Apr 3, 2022 | Electro, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Detroit-based electronic music duo Dopplereffekt are releasing their first album in five years, titled Neurotelepathy.

The ten-track LP will release digitally on April 14th via Leisure System, an independent record label based in Berlin. The duo are known for exploring scientific and mathematical themes in their work (such as 2017’s Cellular Automata), and Neurotelepathy delves deeper into their precise sound. “[Dopplereffekt] continue to use live appearances to present experimental trials of theoretical models, and that effort is heard in the sizzle and swing of the percussive highlights here,” reads the album description.

Their first album, an EP titled Fascist State, was released in 1995. Drawing heavily from influential German supergroup Kraftwerk, Dopplereffekt is widely believed to be the brainchild of Gerald Donald. His wife, No Nhan Le Thi, is also thought to be a part of the project — although Donald refuses to confirm whether or not this is true. Instead, Dopplereffekt tracks are credited to a wide range of German pseudonyms such as Rufold Klorzeiger and Heinrich Mueller.

Alongside musician James Stinson, Donald was one half of the Afrofuturist techno duo Drexciya. Under this name, the two built a mythology surrounding an underwater race of humanoids called the “Drexciyans.” Their music was maritime themed, and they only played wearing masks. Stinson passed away in 2002 from heart complications.

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