Roland Releases The JUNO-60 Chorus Virtual Plugin

by | Mar 20, 2022 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Roland’s JUNO-60 Chorus plugin is a true digital replication of the iconic chorus effect found on its physical analogue model. While there are many JUNO-60 chorus clones on the market, this is the first time it is available from Roland as an official plugin for use on any DAW.

The chorus effect is known for adding a stereo modulating effect to the JUNO-60’s overall sound and tone. Roland’s website mentions the signature effect was “specially tuned to enhance the synth’s single DCO, fat sub-oscillator, and characterful VCF”.

The straightforward chorus section on the original JUNO-60 provides OFF, I, and II buttons. Button “I” shimmering effect, while “II” offers a deeper, wider effect. Pressing both I and II buttons together calls up a “secret” third mode for exaggerated movement with a distinctive swirl. On the plugin, the third button is now a dedicated “I+II” function. There is also variable analogue noise, recreating the nuances of the physical device across older versions of the keyboard.

Roland JUNO-60 is available to download for Mac and Windows computers. For $199 per year, A Roland Cloud Ultimate membership gives continuous access to the plugin and others on the cloud. Alternatively, users can keep it forever with a $99 Lifetime Key purchase.

Find more information on Roland’s website. 

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