Apple Releases Disco Ball Emoji for iPhone Users

by | Mar 20, 2022 | Culture, Stories | 0 comments

With Apple‘s iOS 15.4 newly out of beta, iPhone users who update their device will see a new addition to the keyboard: a disco ball emoji.

The update, which came out on Monday, March 14th, includes numerous quality-of-life improvements. These tweaks add the ability to unlock your phone with a masked face and AirTag security updates.

On top of the disco ball, a slew of other new emojis were added included a melting face, a nest, a pair of crutches, and a lotus flower.

News of the disco ball emoji first excited people back in July of 2021 when word got out that it was a candidate for inclusion into Unicode 14.0, a package of data compromising the international standards for displaying written words and symbols in a digital environment. The final announcement that it would be added to Unicode 14.0 arrived on July 17th, known as World Emoji Day. After it officially went live in September of 2021, developers began integrating the package into their device’s operating systems, disco ball and all.

Back in 2019, Glitterbox, a popular disco-themed dance party in Ibiza, created a petition calling for the disco ball emoji. The resulting campaign gained almost 10,000 signatures.

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