Erica Synths to Donate Income to Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Culture, Stories | 0 comments

Modular synth manufacturer Erica Synths has announced plans to donate all income generated from sales of its products to humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine.

The Riga, Latvia-based company will make its contributions to, the country’s largest online charity platform. Operating since 2003, it collects donations for numerous causes such as healthcare funds for individuals. As of Tuesday, it has collected €3,677,307.84. Funds generated will be used to send fuel and first aid supplies to Ukraine in cooperation with their Ministry of Defense. Donations can be made here.

All sales from specific synthesizers will go towards the charity, according to an announcement on their website. “Erica Synths continues to stand with the people of Ukraine and we will donate all of the income – both manufacturing costs and profit – from our sales of several instruments to humanitarian aid organizations helping in Ukraine and providing support where it is needed most,” it reads.

Synth models included in their pledge are Black Digital Noise, Black Dual EG/LFO, Sequential Switch II, Snazzy FX – Mini Ark, Wow & Flutter, Tracer City, Graphic VCO, and Plasma Drive.

Their campaign will run until all models are sold out and “ABSOLUTELY ALL INCOME will be donated,” according to the company.

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