New Mini-Documentary Celebrates “Intrinsic Value” of Club Culture

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Culture, Stories | 0 comments

Organizers of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) recently released a new mini-documentary that explores “the intrinsic value of club culture, electronic music, raving, and all the unique connections we make in between.”

Titled Dance is a Rave-olution, the documentary was shot during ADE’s 2021 comeback event after it was forced to cancel previous editions due to COVID-19. Performances by Honey DijonLuke Francis, and Colin Benders are featured. Throughout the 15-minute video, the viewer is asked questions such as “which skills can I take off the dance floor into my everyday life?”

Anna Bogomolova, the film’s director, shared the film on her Instagram, saying, “Our film is a stunning reflection on the essential role of the night for our soul. The story is told through the lenses and in words of like-minded people, connected by their intentions, connected in their expression.”

ADE began in 1996 as a small conference of DJs and music professionals. Since then, it has become a five-day event attracting over 2,500 artists and more than 400,000 attendees. Events are held at multiple venues throughout the city. While a date for ADE 2022 has been announced for October 19th-22nd, no lineup has been released as of this writing.

Those interested in watching the film can do so here.



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