Shape Shifter 2 is Versalife’s Latest Collection of Pure Electro Sounds

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Although he has had numerous releases on Delsin Records under his Conforce alias, which focuses more on deep, dubby, and Detroit-flavored techno sounds, Netherlands-based producer Boris Bunnik has only appeared on the label as his electro alter ego Versalife once before, coincidentally for the first installment of his Shape Shifter series. The follow-up, aptly titled Shape Shifter 2, released December 10th on limited edition colored vinyl and digital.

Bunnik’s take on electro is a perfect fit for Delsin Records, as he combines rugged, mechanical grooves with soulful, warm atmospheres. “Phosphorescence” opens the EP on a more subtle tip with a fuzzy acid bass line and sparkling synth stabs, while “Cone Of Silence” cleverly oscillates between foreboding and uplifting. The energy picks up with “Hybrid Form,” a grinding, robotic cut with a playful, melodic edge. Rounding out the EP is “Instinct,” a sinister, stripped-down ride through growling low end, sci-fi sequences, and snappy percussion.

A Bit About Bunnik

Active for over a decade now, Bunnik has released 10 full-length albums and more than 20 EPs on legendary labels such as Delsin Records, Soma Records, and Rush Hour across numerous aliases, while also running his own label Transcendent since 2014. Whether he’s creating spacious, ethereal techno as Conforce, pure, crisp electro as Versalife, or leftfield, ambient soundscapes as Hexagon, Bunnik explores the interaction between analogue and digital, old and new, and human and machine. He also regularly releases presets and sample packs via his website, allowing fellow producers to engage with his creative process and find their own interpretations of his aesthetic.

Shape Shifter 2 is available now on limited edition colored vinyl and digital via Bandcamp.

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