UK Speed Garage Label Shuffle ‘n’ Swing ReIssues Elusive 2000s Era EP

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Garage, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

2000 arguably marked the peak of UK garage’s heyday. One key release from this period was actually put out twice with the same tracks renamed. The original speed garage EPs are called both London Vibes and Fungus Mungus Vol 1 based on the white label’s identifying sticker. It’s so coveted that the re-release offered in October 2021 by London label Shuffle ‘n’ Swing sold out its limited pressing of 300 copies immediately.

Cutmaster Ace is featured on the re-release with two A-side tracks that barely have any digital presence. Title track “London Vibes (SW15)” includes an emcee voicing over a two-toned synth baseline that evokes images of classic ’90s UK warehouse raves. “Escape (SW15)” is equally driving, bringing the bounce immortalized by UK garage. The tracks were remastered by Simon Davey and pressed onto 10-inch white label vinyl.

Shuffle ‘n’ Swing was launched in 2018 as a DJ collective before expanding into a record label. The outfit’s mission is to bring old classics back into pressing and give a platform to new talent in the UK garage genre. Rarities and new classics are their specialty as they link old and new school vibes into a cohesive catalogue.

New editions of a series called SnS Members Mix are regularly uploaded to Shuffle ‘n’ Swing’s Soundcloud.

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