Stockholm Municipality Saves ABBA Recording Studio Baggpipe from Demolition

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Stories, Venue | 0 comments

Stockholm government officials have stepped in to save Baggpipe Studios, the studio where ABBA recorded much of their early work, from demolition.

Established in 1969, the studio’s fate has remained in constant limbo. In 2019, property developers purchased the building and proposed plans to replace it with a seven-story apartment building.

The city of Stockholm eventually got involved to halt the process due to the “historical and cultural values in the building and its technical prominence as one of the highest valued studios for analogue recording in the world.” While the city’s decision was made on December 20th, they only just now announced it publicly.

Baggpipe wasn’t only home to ABBA. The Beatles also recorded there, along with contemporary artists such as Lady GagaSwedish House Mafia, and Wyclef Jean. The studio calls itself a “sister studio of Abbey Road” and was built as an acoustic copy of the London-based studio. Five Billboard #1 songs have been produced there.

Baggpipe Studios Chairman of the Board Mikael Gordon Solfors said of the news, “We cannot enough show out gratitude and happiness that the decisionmakers in Stockholm municipality understand the value of the facility that we use and the thousands of work opportunities that we provide worldwide.”

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