Ibiza Beaches Under Threat of Permanent Destruction According to Climate Change Study

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Science, Stories | 0 comments

Global Change and the Future Ocean, a group that publishes scientific research on climate change, recently released a study showing that Ibiza’s beaches will likely be destroyed due to climate change.

The report states that beaches across the Balearic Islands (the Spanish archipelago where Ibiza is located) will be “permanently lost” due to rising sea levels and changing wave patterns.

This prediction comes from a group of marine scientists who used mathematical modeling, sea levels, and local geography to support their findings. They believe that there will be a permanent 56%-65% loss of the islands’ coastline by the end of the century if global emissions continue their current trend. The numbers go up to 84%-86% if weather conditions are extreme.

Ibiza remains largely a tourist economy thanks to its unique beaches that attract partygoers around the world. A large subset of this revenue comes from U.K. visitors looking to experience its nightlife.

“Much of the income of touristic regions in the Mediterranean comes from beach and sun tourism,” the study says. “This means that it is essential to predict the date of these beaches under climate change.”

Those interested in reading more about the group’s findings can find the entire study here.

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