HISS Releases Ecclesia on Dustin Zahn’s Enemy Records

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Minimal Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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HISS A.K.A. Rove Ranger has developed his sound for over 15 years. Together with some colleagues, he joined Vison Ekstase back in 2019, a techno collective with its roots planted in Stuttgart, Germany. They’ve created successful events, art, and music by breaking the rules and exploring new ground. From the influences of EBM and industrial to the likes of today’s modern techno, his rough, dirty, uncompromising rhythms coupled with hypnotic melodies stand out as hallmarks of his stripped-down, minimalist ’90s techno.

Like most Enemy Records releases, Ecclesia perhaps shines brightest in a late-night after hours setting. “Hostieevokes the sensation being caught in the spin cycle of a washing machine. A constantly changing focus showcases different spatial resonances prevalent within the intertwined shuffled claps and hat rhythms. “Stained Glassbrings a more upbeat spatial amalgam to the room with 360-degree-panned pads, stabs, and verb pulling the mind in many directions.

Rounding things out, “Confess” takes tenured listeners back to the stripped-down, classic minimal they grew to love throughout the ’90s and beyond, covering ground with swirling pads and hypnotic whisps of subpattern spacious pings rolling through the background. Last up on the EP, “Vaults” is a minimal train ride with hypnotic bass rhythms sure to roll into the back of a venue.

Ecclesia embraces everything we’ve come to love over the decades with an ambisonic stereo image created using today’s technology, delivering robust minimal compositions that will satisfy any techno enthusiast’s palate. The album is available in digital format via Enemy Records Bandcamp.

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